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Hello, and welcome to my website.

You’re probably a business owner or executive seeking help to propel you to the next more satisfying stage of your working life.

I’ve created this website to pull together all of the different personal business mentoring options I offer.

I call it ‘personal business’ mentoring because what I do ‘is’ personal to the business people who have decided that the time has come to convert ambition into action and to really step it up a gear. (You just need to know how). I also offer you the chance to learn how to do what I do as a mentor and help others to achieve their business dream. Essentially I can help you in one of two ways

  1. Personal Business Mentoring: To focus & help you rapidly increase your sales revenues and income
  2. Mentor Training: To focus & help you become a successful ‘Personal Business Mentor’

We are each born with unlimited potential; what we believe we achieve and most of what I do is geared to instilling the same confidence and determination in my clients that I’ve developed for myself.


I hope my own journey and experiences inspire in you the realisation that your success lies largely in your own hands.

I’m certainly not one for blowing my own trumpet but I can say with hand on heart that I am a successful mentor. I know exactly where my strengths lie i.e. in taking business people to the top of their game by inspiring them to recognise what really matters to them and then helping them make it absolutely central to their working lives.

You may have noticed that I unashamedly use the word sales to explain a major part of my skill set. In recent years it’s a function that’s attracted much derision and there’s no doubt that the bad sales experience is not to be recommended. But not being a good sales person does rather hinder business success. Top class sales techniques will always be important and you can learn them here.

Now, I’m hoping that you’re ready to explore my offering further.

Together let us find the route that’s right for you, right now at this moment in time…

Personal Business Development

Learn your true path to a high-income & extraordinary work-life balance

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Mentor Training

Learn how to become an ‘exceptional’ personal business mentor

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“Everyone needs John Kettley in their life…

he’s an inspiring role model, his phenomenal communication skills, mind set, approach to business, selling and simplicity, good honest kindness and immense generosity. No other business motivator comes anywhere near what John gives and the incredible effect he has on you as an individual (and I’ve tried my fair few!).”

Eloise Randell – Sound Architects, Veale Associates

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