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“Your destiny is decided by the decisions you make,
choose wisely & an extraordinary life awaits you”

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Personal Business Development

Learn how to create an extraordinary work-life balance

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Certified Mentor Training

Become your areas ‘GO-TO’ Personal Business Mentor

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The Beginning Of A Whole New Chapter

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve decided the time has now come to convert your ambition into action, by seeking a mentor who will help you to accelerate the success you know is long overdue…

I’ve created this website to pull together the different personal business mentoring options I offer. I call it ‘personal business mentoring’ because what I do ‘is’ personal to the people I work with.

I’m also guessing that you already know that your success lies in your hands, what I bring to the table is the clarity of what you must focus on, in order to begin the job of accelerating you towards the success you know you are capable of achieving…


In essence I can help you in one of two core ways

(1) Personal Business MentoringTo focus & teach you how to quickly grow a high-income business

(2) Certified Mentor TrainingTraining you how to build a high-income ‘Business Mentoring Practice’

If you’re now ready to open up your mind to learning how to achieve an extraordinary business life, I would love to work with you and see you shine…

Now, let’s get started and work out how to take you to a whole new level…


To the ambitious who want it faster

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To those who want to learn how to achieve extraordinary success

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Of the books and journals of a serial Entrepreneur

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Sales Expert

Sharing the knowledge of how to help people buy what they want

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“Everyone needs John Kettley in their life…

he’s an inspiring role model, his phenomenal communication skills, mind set, approach to business, selling and simplicity, good honest kindness and immense generosity. No other business mentor comes anywhere near to what John gives and the incredible effect he has on you as an individual (and I’ve tried my fair few!).”

Eloise Randell – Sound Architects, Veale Associates

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