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“Success attracts success, if you want to achieve the extraordinary
I would associate with people, who also want to achieve the extraordinary.

Mentored pier group of highly ambitious Entrepreneurs

I created the 100K Club for ambitious individuals who want to work with me on a monthly basis to fast track ‘their’ personal business income to £100K & beyond.

Each member joins because they are on an absolute mission to hit and then go way beyond a £100,000 pa of ‘personal income’. This of course means the £100K club community is made up of highly ambitious individuals each focused on learning new ideas and perspectives to achieve greater growth and success.

In order to maintain the integrity & positive energy of our community, only like minded entrepreneurs are offered the opportunity to join, this guarantees that the positive focused karma of the group is maintained for the long term growth of all members in the 100K Club.

In addition to the monthly mentored group meeting, each member receives regular direct calls from me to discuss their personal business progress, plus access to my private 100K club members facebook community page in which we create and share an absolute ton of ideas and strategies to help each member to create their own personal extraordinary success…

The process for joining this exciting community of ambitious entrepreneurs is:-

  1. Step 1 – Complete the online Entrepreneur training
  2. Step 2 – Join and contribute positively and consistently in the community member forums
  3. Step 3 – Take up the invitation when it comes…

Where focus goes energy flows…

“I was suffering with a poor conversion rate (2 in 10) until I spent a day with a Sales Masters Guild mentor, then the very next day my conversion rate hit 8 out of 10 and paid for the course the very next day!!, since then its gone from strength to strength”.

Chris Bailey –  The Carpet Cleaning Man

If you would like to speak to John about his work as a mentor, speaking opportunities, author or his growth seminars, please use the form on the contacts page.

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