The language and the tonality we use when we speak to people tells other people a whole lot more about us than we often realise.

It tells them whether we are a confident person or not, an articulate educated person or not and whether we have a worldly or closed mind, which is why it is absolutely crucial in our business life to portray ourselves in the best possible light through both our physical appearance and linguistics, so that we consistently give our business connections a solid feeling that we are someone that they want and need to work with on an ongoing basis.

Two words that we must never ever use in a business conversation are the words: –

Problem & Should

If you think about the true meaning of each word they have absolutely no place in your vocabulary because each have such a powerful negative connotation.

The word problem in most people’s mind has a stationary ‘feeling’ to the word, it creates within us both a conscious and unconscious memory of something bad that have happened to us, meaning that most people instantly equate a problem with something that is ‘bad’, which is why we must never use this word in a business context if we want to solidify and grow that business relationship.

A far better word to use is ‘challenge’, because the word challenge is perceived by most people as something that can be overcome, something that we can achieve ‘if’ we are resourceful. Using the word challenge instead of problem clearly demonstrates to the world that you are a person who doesn’t have problems, we may have challenges but we are a person who overcomes whatever it is that comes our way.

Another word never to use & one I truly believe has no place in your vocabulary is the word ‘should’

Why?Because it almost always creates a negative internal representation (feeling).

Absolutely nobody ever feels good inside when they think about what they ‘should’ have done or ‘should’ be doing

Should is the word that ‘non achievers’ use on a daily basis when they talk to themselves in their mind about what they should have done or should be doing to achieve what they want in life whereas ‘MUST’ is a word that always empowers us to DO!!

People who say to themselves that they should, often do not, whereas people who say they MUST, approach whatever that thing is with a completely different and more positive internal feeling and mindset

If you are ever talking to a client, potential client or even a work colleague about a challenge, regardless of how big that challenge may be, begin the conversation in a resourceful state of mind by suggesting what ‘needs’ to be done in order to overcome the challenge and never ever tell them what they should have done or should do in order deal with the challenge on the table.

Talk the talk of a truly successful person


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