Many people think that all successful people are extremely motivated, bizarrely this is only half the story, the truth is that what they really are is ‘Inspired’ to achieve their definitive goal in life. Their inspiration to achieve their greater goal is the thing that ‘fuels’ their motivation.

Inspiration derives from the ‘WHY’ you do what you do, without it you will not maintain the motivation to achieve your true potential in your endeavours.

Inspiration is born of an unconscious process that everyone must run (like a software program) in order to create a well formed outcome driven mindset from which your ongoing motivation will be fuelled

1. Decision Making

The day that you decide that you’re going to ‘do’ or ‘never’ allow yourself to do that thing from this point on, is the moment when your life will change forever…

Indecision is the thief of opportunity and deep down you know whether you suffer from this affliction or not; if you have formed a habit of procrastinating it’s because you haven’t stopped, sat down and really thought about what the repercussions are if you continue to do what you have always done. The main reason people don’t make a decision is because they have a fear of failure, which is bizarre because the truth is. (Say this out loud)

  • If I ‘DON’T’ decide to take action today, ‘I will never achieve my true potential
  • If I ‘DO’ decide to commit with 100% of my energy ‘I will achieve my true potential

2. Planning

When you take what is in your head and put it on paper in the form it becomes your inspirational plan, you will have now made a decision to begin your journey towards making it happen, but Beware, the world is full of perfectionist planners who never TAKE ACTION…

3. The Beginning – getting started

The first step after forming your master plan is to take action, beginning to do the things that your plan states you must do in order for you to get momentum, this makes things real and turns inspiration into motivation.

It is at this point that you can say

  • From this point on, I’m going to…
  • From this point on, I’m NOT going to…
  • This is the first day that I will…

4. Progressing

Begin everyday with 30 minutes of absolute personal focus time, planning what action you will take TODAY to PROGRESS you forward another step nearer your goal.

If you do just 2 things ‘everyday’ to progress you forward, within weeks you will see massive progress and you will feel even more inspired to take further action

5. Achieving

In a very short time you will see and feel the results of having taken daily actions that compound to the point that your goals will begin to rush towards you (Where focus goes energy flows).

If you follow these 5 steps you are guaranteed to create extraordinary results, your friends, family and business contacts will begin to tell you how much more confident and inspired you look, sound and are…

Be awesome….


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