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Your Opportunity To Build A

6 Figure Income 'Mentor Practice'


There's never been a better time to launch a personal business mentoring practice.


The BIG challenge for 'most' business coach's, is HOW to attract a constant flow of clients, hungry for your help!


Over the last 10 years I've developed a program that can take you off the starting blocks and traverse you to a 6 figure income from your mentoring practice, in months not years.


If you want to work with a team of like minded business mentors, each on their journey to building a successful mentoring practice, I'd like to meet you...


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Mentor Training – How to be ‘sought-after’


I get such a thrill out of mentoring and seeing business owners transform, that it seems an absolute  no-brainer to teach others how to do the same.


Mentor Trainer's who join our team learn how to inspire others and pass on their years of knowledge to ambitious individuals entering the entrepreneur world.


With over 4.9 million small businesses in the UK, Entrepreneurialism is the fastest growing sector of the business world, which is why I truly believe there has genuinely never been a better time to become a personal business mentor, helping business owners avoid failure in instead build high-income lifestyle businesses.


I can help you to overcome the 3 major challenges business mentors and coaches face everyday:


  • How to find a constant stream of paying clients
  • How to avoid the feast and famine nature of the business coaching industry
  • How to build a high-income mentoring practice that affords an outstanding work-life balance


Together we'll build you a solid mentoring practice that affords you a truly balanced lifestyle. I'll share with you experiences and strategies straight out of my own working life – ones I employ every single day. You’ll be able to genuinely deliver real world excellence.


In joining me and the team at the Sales Masters Guild you'll learn how to:


  • Develop core strategies for building a high income mentoring practice
  • Build a business based on integrity and credibility
  • Establish a relevant and compellingly unique Value Proposition
  • Create a distinctive personal Brand
  • Market directly to a target market
  • Convert an interested prospect into a high value client
  • How to become the go-to person for what you do


Bright, hardworking entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses are crying out for guidance to help them succeed – my Mentored Training program will help you become a much sought-after solution.



Joining The Team


Only exceptional individuals are invited to train and become a ‘Certified Sales Masters Guild Trainer’. These exceptional individuals will have demonstrated through their experiance a true commitment to the ongoing task of becoming an outstanding personal business development mentor and share the values and outlook of all of the Sales Masters Guild mentoring team.


This really is an exceptional opportunity if you are looking for an edge over the competition in your area and value working with like minded professionals who share your values. If we are a godd fit you will receive :-


  • Full Project Blueprint programme training
  • Personal support by me at your mentored training events and courses
  • Ongoing monthly Personal Mentoring for you
  • Monthly Sales Masters Guild mentors training sessions
  • Use of all the online Sales Masters Guild trainers training support content
  • Client use of all Sales Masters Guild personal business development content
  • Marketing support from the Sales Masters Guild and related websites and social media platforms


My mission is to build the UK's best personal business mentoring team, where business owners know they will recieve best in industry training and support to grow an exceptional high-income lifestyle business.


This is a licence opportunity with an investment for initial training and ongoing mentoring but is not a franchise opportunity that gives a substantial return within months of joining the team.


If your ready to launch your mentoring practice with purpose please get in touch today




What it's like to work with John F Kettley
Olivier Carion
"John is an outstanding business mentor and Mentor's trainer. His real world experience and expert advice bring a fresh perspective to business development. John is very perceptive and able to identify core issues quickly, which allows him to help business owners with key strategies to take their business to a higher level of effectiveness and profitability. I have worked with John for the last 3 years and have found him to be a trainer with a genuine passion to help others achieve their true potential".

James Davey

“During my time with the Sales Masters Guild, John has been an inspiration. He is highly creative and really understands business and sales in particular. I am developing my Sales Masters Guild business in Suffolk and with John’s help, I am really gaining traction. The workshop content is spot-on and goes down well with delegates and Project Blueprint Members.


If you are considering getting involved in SME training and mentoring, I can whole-heartedly recommend John and the Sales Masters Guild.”


Christian Rodwell

"I first encountered the Sales Masters Guild in May 2015, I found the breakthrough session to be of great value, and decided very quickly that this kind of ‘no frills’ business mentoring and support was exactly the kind of environment I was in need of.


As the months passed, my business relationship with John Kettley grew stronger, John became instrumental in the shaping of my business; Escape The Rat Race…within 12 months.


In January 2016, I was in a position to launch my own business mentoring programme for my community, which took the core components of the Project Blueprint programme and repackaged them slightly for those who are still in employment.


It was through this collaboration with John and the Sales Masters Guild that I began my journey to becoming a certified trainer. I cannot begin to thank John enough for this opportunity, and for the genuine care that he shows to each and every person he mentors, whether that be fellow SMG trainers or when assisting me with my own mentored clients.


The model John has created is extremely simple, and therein lies it’s power. John has an extensive background when it comes to business, and his ability to keep it simple is undoubtedly one of the secrets to his success when sharing his strategy for creating a high income business with others. If you are thinking about in the process of setting up your own mentoring/training practice I highly recommend that you talk to John".



Barry Mitchell

"I first met John at a networking meeting in 2011 and immediately noticed that he was different to any other sales and training mentor I have ever met.


After various discussions and meetings, I officially joined John and the Sales Masters Guild in 2012. Everything impressed me. The content of the courses were like nothing I had experienced before and I speak as someone who has been in sales and business for over forty years.


The Project Blueprint one-year programme is amazing and not only had I not seen anything like it previously, there is nobody doing what the Sales Masters Guild does or offering what the Sales Masters Guild offers. Moreover, the business model is designed so that firstly, it is accessible to those who really need world-class training and mentoring but are the very people who cannot usually afford to access it and, from the perspective of the mentor, it totally removes the feast & famine cycle that is typical of so many businesses, especially coaching and mentoring businesses.


But it’s not just about the content, important as that is; it is very much about the level of support that we as mentors receive from John. His mission is to serve and he will do whatever it takes and for however long it takes to serve and support the mentors and members of the team. John’s level of knowledge, business acumen, human behaviour and inter-personal skills sets him apart from all others and I remain both privileged and grateful to be able to regard John as my mentor and to be one of the Sales Master Guild’s success stories.


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John and the Sales Masters Guild to anyone aspiring to be a business coach and who wish's to run their own lucrative and highly supported Sales Masters Guild practice".


Jo Driver
"I've run multiple businesses over the years and was looking to convert my experiances into an offering to help business owners grow and florish.
I then came across John and knew almost instantly that his values and ethos were a perfect fit for me, his personal support has been pivitol in helping me to get up to speed and attract clients to my mentoring practice, I can honestly say that this has been a fantastic move in joining John's Sales Masters Guild mentoring team".  

Toby Acton
"I'd been in the network marketing business for over 15 years, helping individuals to grow a successful lifestyle business.
Then one day at a locel networking meeting I heard John give a fantastic presentation that made absolute sense to me in that he was sharing 'real world' experiances and advice on how to grow 'any' business, this was the catalyst for me to begin a whole new journey as a business mentor to all individuals seeking to build a lifesyle business regardless of what they do.
John's attention to detail, immense knowledge and phenominal program has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me and my clients and helped me to launch a whole new chapter in my life, I highly recomend joining the Sales masters Team if you want positively the best mentored support in the business"...


If you want to find out what it takes to become a partner of John F Kettley and the SMG team... CONTACT John