Are you committed to being successful?

Many people talk about the secret to success as if there was a secret being held back from the populace because not everyone is allowed to succeed, when in actual fact most people either don’t know the steps that need to be taken, or they are simply not prepared to pay the price needed to achieve their version of success.

The following questions are designed to get you to think outside the box about your business, they have been specifically worded to help you take a step back from the mirror so as to give you some clarity.

When answering each question, you will tend to know the answers to the questions posed very quickly or equally you will realise very quickly that this is an area where you need to gain more knowledge or invest more commitment in order to achieve your goals :-

  1. Why do you want to be successful?
  2. Are you willing to make the sacrifices needed to obtain the success you seek?
  3. Why do you think your business will sell its products or services
  4. What steps have you taken to back up and prove your assumptions
  5. What research have you done on your competition and their offering
  6. What are your competitors planning for the future?
  7. Do your personal interests fit into your business aims?
  8. What are your life ambitions?
  9. What are, and do you possess, the basic qualification/experience needed to achieve your ambitions?
  10. Are you fully aware of the commitment required and sacrifices you will need to make, to achieve your ambitions?
  11. Can your personal life cope with the demands of your ambitions?
  12. How will you know when you have achieved success?

For this exercise to be truly effective, your answers to the questions posed must be honest and reflect your personality and your beliefs, (It’s ok to be honest because only you will see your answers), if you are foggy or have a weak answer to any of the questions, it is an opportunity to address and restructure that area so that your are able to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.
Only the foolish would push blindly on knowing that they are weak in a certain important area and hope that they will deal with it when and if it becomes an issue (it always does).
Of the 12 questions the first two are the most important, if you answered with total commitment and enthusiasm for your business, then you have the core foundations to achieve the success you seek, just as long as you’ve done your homework, planned your days and worked your plan, as part of the way you live your life.

The fastest way to truly achieve your hopes and aspirations is to have a good solid answer to question 12, its surprising how many people don’t actually have a picture in their mind of what winning ‘is’.

Be Awesome…


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