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“Being a business mentor is a privilege
– pass it on.”

Mentor Training – How to be ‘sought after’

The JFK Mentor Training Course


I get such a thrill out of mentoring people, that it seems a no-brainer to teach others how to do the same. The JFK Mentor Training Course will show you how to inspire others by passing on years of knowledge to those entering the entrepreneur world or those who are in need of guidance to achieve the success they seek.

With over 4.9 million small businesses in the UK, becoming an entrepreneur is becoming the career of choice.I believe there genuinely has never been a better time to strike out as a professional mentor helping business owners avoid failure in favour of building a high income business. So now is the time to carve your niche as the ‘Go To Person’ in your area for business growth through mentoring.

There are 3 major challenges facing today’s business mentors (and coaches):

  • Finding clients
  • Avoiding the feast and famine nature of the business
  • Building a mentoring practice that affords a great work-life balance

On my high performance 3 day workshop-style course, I share with you experiences and strategies straight out of my own working life – ones I employ every single day. You’ll walk away able & strengthened by a practical structure instead of questionable tactics guaranteed to waste you money and simply get you nowhere.

As a delegate of the JFK Mentor Training Course you will learn how to:

  • Develop core strategies for building a high income mentoring practice
  • Build a business based on integrity and credibility
  • Establish a relevant and compellingly unique Value Proposition
  • Choose a Niche Market Client to serve
  • Create a distinctive Brand
  • Market direct to your target market
  • Convert an interested prospect into a high value client
  • How to become the go to person for what you do

What’s included on the JFK Mentor Training Course?

  • Pre-course assignments
  • Masses of interactive practical exercises
  • 1-2-1 access to John F Kettley
  • A comprehensive bound course book
  • Refreshments, including lunch, to fuel you throughout the day
  • Post course 30 minute 1-2-1 personal telephone coaching session

Bright, hardworking entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses are crying out for guidance to help them succeed. The JFK Mentor Training Course will help you become a much sought-after solution.

Following this course, I invite those, showing real promise, the opportunity to further develop their skills as a JFK Sales Masters Guild Certified Mentor. These are the people who I consider will become high flyers in the mentoring world.

JFK Sales Master Guild Certified Trainer


Only delegates of the 3 day JFK Mentor Training Course are invited to become business mentors. They will have demonstrated great promise as mentors and shared the values and outlook of the Sales Masters Guild.

This really is an opportunity to enter the world of talented, highly successful and sought-after business mentors. This is what we offer:

  • 2 x 3 day Project Blueprint training
  • Personal support at Breakthrough and Sales Foundation courses
  • Personal support at Project Blueprint mentoring sessions
  • Ongoing monthly Personal Mentoring
  • Monthly Sales Masters Guild mentors training sessions
  • Use of all online Sales Masters Guild trainers support content
  • Client use of all Sales Masters Guild personal business development content
  • Marketing support from the Sales Masters Guild, £100Kpa website and social media platforms

(I also offer a monthly 1-2-1 personal mentoring option after you’ve secured your 1st 100Kpa client.)

“I attended the Sales Master Guild training to improve my sales conversion ratios. I found the course invaluable even to someone who has had been on several sales training courses in the past.

You can always learn something new and by implementing just a small change it will change your results, this course explains the sales process well and adds a new dimension to it.”

Davina Farrer – Utility Warehouse


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“The Sales Foundation workshop, I found it to be truly excellent. Clearly defining the sales process and how to work through it with potential new clients. The training is very interactive, very enjoyable and one benefits from having other business owners present.
I recommend this sales training course to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales operation.”

Robert Harris – AIMS Accountants

If you would like to speak to John about his growth seminars, work as a mentor, speaking opportunities or author, please use the form on the contacts page.

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