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“Personal business mentors are just a luxury…
‘unless’ you want a ‘fast track’ to extraordinary success.”


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Move from ’round the clock’ to Super Successful

I firmly believe that there are only 3 types of business owner:

  1. Super Successful
  2. Comfortable
  3. Working 24/7, 365

Sadly, the vast majority of business people inhabit category 3. They work round the clock, earn a low income which results in a poor work-life balance.

The 2nd category is populated by far fewer people than you might think, their degree of ‘reasonable’ comfort being equally hard-won.

The Super Successful’s are the finer few (just 5%), they however have worked out that the secret to achieving serious success is in earning a small percentage from a lot of peoples efforts & the macro conversion of people buying their products or services.

These ‘high-achievers’ have a completely different mindset to the masses – working on what pleases them, in a way that suits them, for an income that sets them apart from the majority.

Please don’t think for a moment they’re ‘lucky’ – they’re not. They’re smart workers, full of self-belief and open minds, thirsty to learn new ways of being even more successful. There’s another thing they have in common: they all have a personal business mentor.

My main focus is in mentoring individuals who have a deep desire to leave categories 2 or 3 behind, helping those that are hungry for ‘real’ success, to achieve their own personal ‘break through’, to get a shot at living a truly extraordinary life.

If you’re ready to make the jump please do get in touch

“I was suffering with a poor conversion rate (2 in 10) until I spent a day with John!!, the very next day my conversion rate hit 8 out of 10 & paid for his time the very next day, since then I’ve gone from strength to strength”.

Chris Bailey –  The Carpet Cleaning Man

The John F Kettley School of Mentoring

I engage a simple, 4-point process:

I Empathise – Question – Analyse – Facilitate

I Empathise means I get it..: I get how people reach the point where their working life is little more than drudgery. Business owners that aren’t making the money they want or those in employment who crave the freedom of a lifestyle business.

Or those who took the plunge & started their ‘lifestyle’ business full of excitement & entrepreneurial plans only to see it all quickly unravel into the financial struggles caused by ‘famine or feast’ workloads that mean it’s all work and no life…. OK, not all reach such depths of despair but they’re more often far from being the Super Successful person they once dreamed of being.

The good news is that whether your a  Chef, Retailers, IT guru or an expert of any description it can all be turned around – I work with people in every conceivable walk of life. Whether they’re still at the dreaming stage or already running a business.


Next, I Question and Analyse until the balance of answers I receive from you is more in favor of what you do want rather than what you don’t want. Only then can we understand what your true position and potential really is.

I Facilitate you through to your own moment of clarity, where you see with fresh eyes exactly what your resources really are and then, together we create a milestone driven Plan of what your journey will be to traverse as quickly as possible to the destination you want to arrive at.

So now it’s over to you. Start to believe that Super Successful is accessible to YOU. Decide that you too need a professional mentor to point you in the right direction and navigate you through the obstacles that are currently keeping you from achieving your true potential.

Where next?

More exploring… or is it now time to get in touch?

“John’s Sales Masters Guild sales courses and coaching methods completely change your perception and business life, giving you the motivation to succeed.Having completed the Advanced Sales and Marketing Course with John, I walked in one person and came out a completely different more motivated and confident individual knowing exactly what my business does and for whom.

I would recommend that any business owner finding every day business a challenge talk to John sooner rather than later”

Deborah Skeldon – Veal Associates

If you would like to speak to John about his work as a mentor, speaking opportunities or his growth seminars, please use the form on the contacts page.

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