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“The challenge is always in teaching ‘people in business’,
how to think and sell like a truly successful ‘Entrepreneur’.

The ‘Entrepreneur Formula’ That Creates A ‘High-Income’ Business

I started the Sales Masters Guild in 2009 with a clear goal in mind, to teach people in business how to build a ‘high-income’ business.

At the time, the recession had really kicked up a gear and I was getting calls from people who were in serious business trouble asking me if I could help them to turn their business around. The thing that really blew me away was that while each were clearly good at doing what they did, none of them had a strong plan for generating sales and income.

The reason I founded the Sales Masters Guild was to stop business failure in the UK by teaching the Entrepreneur formula, that all successful entrepreneurs use to create true wealth

The Sales Master Guild is built on the same mentoring principles that I adopt across all of my work – helping you to become the best you. People come to us saying “I don’t know how to…”, and leave us saying, “I know exactly how I’m going to…”.

Our mission is to teach you how to substantially increase both your sales and your net earnings and to do this quickly and without you having to experience the school of hard knocks on your way to achieving the success you seek.

What you get with the Sales Masters Guild is a true mentored Entrepreneur training experience, it is the perfect place to go if you are either in the process of setting up your business or if you’ve been trading for a little while but just not earning the income you want from your business.

To learn more about how ‘you’ can quickly create a ‘high-income’ lifestyle business please visit the site.

“I was suffering with a poor conversion rate (2 in 10) until I spent a day with a Sales Masters Guild mentor, then the very next day my conversion rate hit 8 out of 10 and paid for the course the very next day!!, since then its gone from strength to strength”.

Chris Bailey –  The Carpet Cleaning Man

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