The results you get are your fault regardless of what the results are…

With experience comes the ability to see (almost instantly) the things that those who are at the beginning of, or are in the early stages of their learning, simply cannot.

At this stage of my life as a career entrepreneur and mentor to business owners, I’m able to quickly see why an individual is not achieving their personal, career and financial ambitions and principally, it’s because they have a success blocker mindset.

The funny thing is that for most their inability to achieve their goals is not because they lack the resources, the connections or the luck to achieve, it’s because they have lack of ‘belief’ that they ‘can’ achieve the things that they want from their business life.

If this is resonating with you, there’s a good chance you’ve known this for quite some time, but and it’s a huge but, you’ve simply not yet taken the time out to address and overcome the thoughts that are blocking your success.

Like me you’ve probably noticed that In life there are those that ‘do’ and those that don’t’, the difference between these two characters is in how they think, rather than in anything that they have or do not have.

The unfortunate truth is the world is full of don’t’ers!!

Don’t’ers think they will not succeed because they simply do not believe they can succeed and because they think this way they never go ‘all in’, because of an ingrained fear of failure which their unconscious ego simply will not allow them to accept. This fear of failure manifests its self not as actual emotion of fear but the emotion of overwhelm where the individual simply ‘feels’ that they do not know what to do first, so as a consequence they do nothing and procrastinate by focusing on the little things that ultimately never actually add up to moving them forward.

Do’ers on the other hand simply think in a different way, they start by having a super strong picture in their mind of the outcome that they want and can see that picture so clearly in their mind that they can literally see it, taste it, feel and smell it. Their picture of success is so strong in their mind that they constantly see it every time they wake up in the morning (which is why vision boards are so powerful) and why they absolutely ‘believe’ they will achieve their goal regardless of the inevitable challenges that pop up on their way to achieving what they want out of life.

Do’ers plan, plan, plan everything down to the final detail often way beyond the detail that they share with those around them. They have the big picture plan, the plan to get them to the half way point and the plan to get them to this month’s way point.

Do’ers start early and finish later than those who don’t, winners work on their mission every single day, doing the things they ‘believe’ MUST be done in order to get them another step forward, doing the things that make money and create growth.

If you want to change your outcome and become the winner of your dreams, you simply ‘must’ change the way you think on a daily basis, picturing you IN your picture of success doing the things you will be doing when you have everything you want around you…

Decide to be more than you’ve been and begin a new more awesome life


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