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A Brand New Perspective



Since the begining of time people have learned from books dedicated to the subject they want to become an expert on.


Each of the books John has written and continues to write are crafted in story form to warp how you see the world, to open up within you a far bigger & limitless perspective of what you are truly capable of becoming.


Like all good story tellers John has a way of talking directly to you and touching a cord in virtually every chapter so that in a very short time you begin to see your future in a very different and exciting way.


If you want to take this to an even higher level of personal understanding, John has crafted a complete online entrepreneurs training platform containing video tutorials and exercises to fast track you growth, to find out more 


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How to build a Business that Creates Wealth


Whether you're thinking of starting a business, need to turn you fortunes around, or you want to dramatically increase the income you make from your business, this is the book for you...


'How to Build a business that creates wealth' shares with you the formula all truly successful entrepreneurs have used to create a high-income wealth creating business.


It's absolutely stacked full of earthy real world stories, tactical exercises and strategies, to give you absolute clarity of exactly what to do next, in your quest to create a high-income business...


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Pivot Point


There's a point in life when something suddenly jolts you into the realisation that you’re simply NOT living the life you want to lead.


Knowing what you 'don't want' is the easy part, the real challenge is in trying to work out what you 'do want' and from that point on, how to pivot from where you are now to create a new extraordinary reality for you and your family.


Pivot point takes you on an inspirational yet introspective journey of personal discovery, as you join John on his journey to learn the answers to the big questions from which life will never be the same again.


Due out in the Autumn, There is an opportunity to pre-order a copy and recieve a additional bonus for helping John to make this a UK best seller to those who a ready to take up the challenge of creating a life less ordinary