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Entrepreneur 101


“Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can only learn via the school of life’s hard knocks. “The smarter (and faster) move is to learn from someone who has already been, where you want to go


This homestudy Entrepreneur course is perfect for those who want to accelerate their understanding of how to think like a wealthy entrepreneur and who wants an introduction to the world of mentoring on their terms at a time to suit them.






K Wood - Online course review

I found this course to be a little tricky to get to grips with in the beginning because I’m not particularly pc savy, but after a couple of sessions I got the hang of how to go in and out of the videos and how to print off the excercies that go with the video tutorials.

It’s really very good

Tania B  

I wish I’d come across this years ago…. in just a few months I’ve had a huge change to my income as a direct result of studying the stuff in this business course (Quite like JFK’s voice too)



I was bought this course by my wife for my last birthday, which is probably why I left it for a few months before I actually even looked at it (Thought it would be crap to be honest like most online courses) but its actually quite good in that I did get a mind shift on how my brand wasn’t actually telling people what I’m good at..

Thank you John F Kettley it’s made a difference


Dave Marsh  

I bought John’s book ‘How to build a business that creates wealth’, loved it and was going to buy the audio version when I came across his on-line version WOW this is truly the only business course you’re ever going to need to buy, its covers everything you need to as John would say build a business that works’


Darren Jones  

I think this is one of the best online courses out there on how to run a business and I’ve downloaded a few since I started up my IT consultancy a few years ago.

While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel it does cover all the basics really well in a way that makes you think through what you’re doing.

Highly recomended


Brian H  

This course should be mandatory to everyone and anyone even considering starting a business, it’s good honest advise delivered in a way that is easy to learn and take in


Alexandria  Online course review

For most of my working life I’ve been in the PAYE world, until I was made redundant and decided that the time was right to start my own business making all natural smoothies and snacks. the first 2 years were an absolutely massive learning curve, if only I had found this course earlier it would have saved me a fortune.

This course is the reason that I am now making a decent living without spending 7 days a week in my business, I highly recommend anyone who is considering starting a business buy this course before they launch


Olive Oliver 

John has managed to distill his years of experience in business into an entertaining and engaging book. He gives clear advice on how to be successful in all aspects of running a business and also gives an honest assessment of the mistakes he has made along the way. This give me confident that the advice was from someone who has been in the same trenches as me. Great read or if you prefer a great listen on audio in the car. I have already recommended it to others.



Great succinct read
Very relatable points for those wanting to develop a sound business that will generate income!
Good business planning and strategy pointers useful at any stage of your business journey.


Morten Hansen 

Very good book that brakes down the various aspects of succeeding in your venture. 
very well written and very informative


G W McAdam 

Mandatory reading if you want your small business to succeed and flourish
Agree with other reviewers – an outstanding piece of work that should be mandatory reading if you have a small business you truly want to succeed. 20+ years in corporate advertising, sales and media did NOT prepare me for starting and running my own business. John has simplified the whole process and given it a do-able ease.e.g. His explanation of “Why” you need a business plan makes so much more sense than all the many books I have read explaining that process… you write it for you and it can short and sweet (instead of the 70+ page ones I am familiar with. I recommend this book unreservedly and, if you can get on one of his courses I strongly suggest you seize the opportunity – you will not be disappointed.


Amazon member 

Read it once, take a little in, read it again and you will really start to see the missing parts of the puzzle that are costing you business money. Full of information. Highly recommended!!


Christine Duffey 

Must have for any business owner who is not living the dream.
This is a complete course in how to make your business – any business a success. I have been in business for over 20 years and from the very start I realised some really basic stuff that I was not doing. Page after page of important areas, that I was ignoring in my business, because I am not good at it, or don’t really know how to do it. Well now I can.

There are lots of exercises and work for you to do – this takes time and I have to confess I did read ahead. This is a HUGE book. packed with content, there is no fluff here, and it teaches us how to do each and every single thing in it. I know I am on the right track now,

HBBW is a good read and if you are anything like me its also uncomfortable in places, but you never feel stupid, just keep getting the good stuff from John as he tutors and coaches through a comprehensive training in building a successful business.

Now I will get back to working on my exercises, so glad I bought this book, its really motivated me and is a fantastic resource.


Barry Mitchell 

There are many self-help books and how-to books but I have found this book to be, first and foremost, pragmatic. It’s not flashy or even about the author, although the author does use his own real-life experiences to get across the points he wants to make. Rather, this is a book written to genuinely help people to either start a business or help them to get to the next stage in their business growth. It is written clearly and in a language that is easy to understand and therefore becomes enjoyable as well as helpful and informative. If you are a business owner or contemplating starting a business, I highly recommend this book as an essential ‘Must-Read’.


James D 

John’s ‘no-nonsense’ style tells it how it is. Written from personal experience, John has the advantage of having actually done it which differentiates him from many of the others who claim to be able to show us how to help ourselves move forward in business. The secret is in a laser-like focus on what needs to be done from selling to getting the money in. I recommend it to any business owner seeking to break out of the micro-business bubble.


Tracy A 

What an excellent read, so interesting and eye opening, I really do think that it has a lot to make me think about the way I work now and can improve with my way of working, I will recommend this book to anyone starting up there business and need a little help.


Nick Blatchley 

Books about how to succeed in business can fail in a number of ways. Some can be accurate but dry as dust; some can be full of enthusiasm and inspiration without giving any practical advice; some can be chatty and anecdotal, but little more.

John Kettley succeeds in steering between all these extremes. This book is certainly full of anecdotes from his wealth of experience in a whole range of sectors, and he writes inspiringly, but at its heart this is a practical course that carefully takes you through what you need to create a successful, money-making business.

At its heart is understanding and setting goals that will enable you not only to succeed but also to enjoy your success. This is no manual for would-be Gordon Gekkos who are only interested in making money for its own sake. Kettley takes you through a process which will help you place business success in the context of a complete, fulfilled life.

This book has valuable ideas and information on every page, but it doesn’t do all the work for you. To get the most out of it, you have to go through the exercises, in order, and discover your own answers.

I’d recommend this to any entrepreneur, whether you’re just starting or wondering why you’re not as successful as you could be.


John Freeman 

A Business book for the untrained entrepreneur
I have run my own business for 20 years without any formal business training and to be honest have been “treading water” for most of that time….reading this book has made me realise that to make a successful business, one that can afford you a work/life balance the author refers to “winning”, you need a plan! Nothing new there I suppose but the book puts together all the basic business elements to allow you to structure a business plan in a language that is easy to read and understand.
I would recommend this book to anyone that, like me, has had no formal business training, and needs a reminder as to what they should be doing to make sure their business is working for them and maximizing it’s potential.

The book majors on selling, and in particular face to face selling, which may,or may not, be relevant to your business but there is enough useful stuff in the book to make it an all round interesting and inspiring read…


Digital Hero  

I’m not someone that really likes to read books about business as many are often a bit ‘Do this and you’ll make millions’ – Really? It’s that simple?.

This book is a little bit different.

Yes it does tell you that you have to do things, but it’s very clear that it’s about you and you making things happen your way. If you sit back you’ll never have a successful business and this book really tells you that, but in an approachable way. Importantly it gives a guide to what you should be doing. The word ‘guide’ is important as it’s not a dictatorial ‘YOU HAVE TO DO IT LIKE THIS’ book that guarantees a result without you having to think about what your business actually is..

There are a lot of good insights into the author’s experience in business and personally for me, I could see a lot of similarities in some of these experiences, that had I known at the time, would have made me a different person today. This honesty makes this book a little more real over some other business books.

The book does help you through a logical business path and has some very useful exercises that should be simple to complete if you’ve already thought about what your business is. If you haven’t, it’ll give you a few challenges and make you start to think.

It’s a book that I would recommend to others and would dip in and out of for future reference.