There's never been a better time to launch a personal business mentoring practice.


The challenge, is HOW to attract a constant flow of clients, hungry for your help!


Over the last 10 years I've developed a program that can take you off the starting blocks and quickly propel you to a 6 figure+ income in months not years.


If you're ambitious, love working with business owners & want develop relationships with like minded business mentors who want to make a difference, I'd like to meet you...


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Mentor Training – How to become a GO-TOExpert


I get such a thrill from seeing business owners transform through professional mentoring and training, which is why I want to teach others how to do the same and together we can create a financially stronger business community.


As a certified Sales Masters Guild partner mentor, you'll learn how to inspire, train and mentor highly ambitious individuals to become wealth creating entrepreneurs.


With over 4.9 million small businesses in the UK, Entrepreneurialism is the fastest growing sector of the business world, which is why I truly believe there has genuinely never been a better time to become a professional personal business mentor, helping business owners to avoid the school of hard knocks and accelerate towards building high-income lifestyle businesses.


Together with my team we can help you to overcome the 3 major challenges the majority of business coaches face everyday:


  • How to find a constant stream of paying clients
  • How to avoid the feast and famine nature of the business coaching industry
  • How to build a high-income 'mentoring practice' that truly affords an outstanding work-life balance


We'll share with you experiences, training and mentoring strategies we know 'work' in the real world. 


In joining me and the team at the Sales Masters Guild you'll learn how to:


  • Develop core strategies for building a high income mentoring practice
  • How to build a business based on integrity and credibility
  • How to establish a compellingly Value Proposition
  • How to create a distinctive personal Brand
  • How to market directly to a target market
  • How to convert 'interested' business owners into a high value client
  • How to become the go-to person for what you do


Bright, hardworking entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses are crying out for guidance to help them succeed – Our Mentored Training program will help you become a much sought-after solution.



Joining The Team


Only exceptional individuals are invited to train and become a ‘Certified Sales Masters Guild Trainer’. These exceptional individuals can demonstrate through a true commitment to the ongoing task of becoming an outstanding personal business mentor and they share the values and outlook of all of the Sales Masters Guild mentoring team.


This really is an exceptional opportunity if you are looking for an edge over local 'business coaches' and you value working with like minded professionals who share your kind of values. If we are a good fit you will receive :-


  • Full training of the 'Project Blueprint program'
  • Personal mentored support from me each month and at your mentored training events
  • Monthly Sales Masters Guild mentors trainers training sessions
  • Use of all the online Sales Masters Guild trainers training support content
  • Client use of our on-line personal business development content
  • Marketing support from the Sales Masters Guild website and social media platforms


My mission is to build the UK's 'best' personal business mentoring team, where business owners know they will recieve best in industry training and support to grow an exceptional high-income lifestyle business.


This is a 'partner opportunity' requiring an investment for full training and ongoing mentoring. We provide the framework, tools and mentored training to help you build a successful high-income 'Mentoring practice'.


If your ready to create an exceptional work-life balance from your mentoring practice please contact me today