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While books and online courses are great for opening up your mind, they'll never have quite the viseral impact that you'll get from joining a 'live' mentored training where you work directly with your peers and a mentor to transport you to a higher level of consciousness creation.


By joining John at one of his personal trainings you'll quickly see why so many are saying his trainings are a game changer to your personal business growth.


With an average class size of just 10 people you are assured of getting massive personal value and a genuine push forward from where you are now to achieving your true potential in building a high-income business.


Listed below are all of the ways in which you can work with John directly and the live trainings John has planned for the remainder of this year. Spaces are limited, please book early to secure your place.


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John's personal Mentored Peer group 



Each year John works with a small group of highly ambitious entrepreneurs in a monthly mentored peer group to accelerate their businesses to a whole new level.

Entry is by invitation only in order to guarantee that all participants gain maximum value and momentum in their quest to build a robust financially strong business.


As a member you'll gain huge value from not only working with John directly but with each of the other members of the peer group who share your mission to -

Become a high net-worth business owner

In addition to the Hertfordshire based monthly peer group meetings, each member is personally nudged forward via bi-weekly telephone/zoom calls to discuss solutions to challenges and tactics for accelerating growth.


If you would like to learn more about how this could accelerate the success you seek please contact John directly





2-Day Client Generation Training



As a professional consultant, trainer or coach

you’ve already invested a vast amount of time and energy becoming the specialist you are today..


The challenge now, is in how to turn that expertise into a revenue creating business that has a consistant stream of paying clients 'seeking you' based on gravitas and not the 'price' of the service you offer?


For the savvy, the current global situation (Corona-19) represents a massive opportunity for those who sell their expertise as their primary revenue stream. This is your moment to shine for what you do, you simply cannot afford to miss the opportunities that are out there


Across 2 full days John will share with you a proven formula for putting your personal brand in front of the clients you want to work with.


He'll show you exactly how to re-calibrate your business model, brand narrative and core messaging to speak directly to the individuals who are actively looking for the service you offer.





Metamorphosis of perspective 



Before arriving on this game changing training seminar, you will have completed a series of pre-course exercises aimed at focusing your mind on those elements of your business offering that are crucial to obtaining a the outcome you want for you and your business.


The 'online' version of this course is divided into 6 x 3hr interactive Zoom trainings over 3 days


The live workshop is held in a classroom environment over 2 full experiential days where you will also make new and lasting key connections with fellow attendees.


Our aim is that you leave with a complete plan of action to begin bringing new clients onboard within days of completing this game changing training course.


Before booking your place please contact John directly to discuss your unique situation so that John can fine tune elements specifically for you to achieve your peronal goals


You can contact John by


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Free Client Generation Training For Professionals
10.30 - 12.30 Live to your desktop 90 minute Zoom training with John Kettley

22nd July, 2020
Free Zoom

Level 2 Client Generation Training with John F Kettley
10.30 - 13.30 Live to your desktop 3-hour training session

24th July, 2020
inc VAT

LEVEL 3 Client Generation Training with John F Kettley
Live to your desktop 2-Day Training via Zoom

29th July, 2020
inc VAT