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Time to go 'all in'...



It’s never been easier to build a life changing, wealth creating business!


BUT it’s also the reason ‘why’ there’s so much competition out there!! 


The principle reason why so many businesses struggle or fail, is because they simply don't know


“How to attract a constant flow of revenue generating clients"!!


The good news is, this is fairly easily fixed, once you've learned how to create a business and sales play book using the formula all successful entrepreneurs use to build a wealth creating business.


So why don’t more people learn the formula?


TIME… most people never take the time to learn it!




If you're to become the success you know you can be..." 



I think we can agree that you're are going to have to accelerate your knowledge of how to build a high income in the shortest possible time...


This means learning how to overcome the challenges of how to gain clients quickly and how to turn those clients into income generation, which is exactly what you'll learn by joining the entrepreneur training academy : -


Learning how to attract a constant flow of clients…


The tactical strategies that 'create' success!





Why John F Kettley?



I’ve been building businesses to sale for 4 decades


I’ve made just about most of the mistakes that people make when they are learning on the job i.e. from the school of hard knocks, that was until I woke up to the ‘law of accelerated success’ 


Learning from someone who’s been..

where we want to go…


The turning point for me, was in learning how to reverse engineer the success I’ve achieved in life, by going ‘all in’ with a 100% focus on building a business playbook that details how to attract a stream of clients and how to convert conversations into revenue generating business.


This one simple focus was the reason I was able to effectively retire from ‘having to work’ some 15 years ago and the reason why if you utilise the methods I share, you too can avoid the school of hard knocks and accelerate your personal wealth from your business life.






Accelerate your journey..



Through a series of highly focused desktop trainings, I'll share with you how to re-calibrate your business model, and fine tune your core narrative to attract customers to buy from you.


"I’ll then show you how to convert your conversations into real world business"


You’ll learn how


  • To leverage your existing connections
  • Find out exactly what your ideal clients ‘really’ want
  • Create a narrative that attracts more people to you
  • Convert more of your conversations into a sale (&)
  • How to leverage your time and productivity


My aim is to accelerate your journey in the shortest possible time using the exact methods I’ve used to build multiple 7 figure businesses and to accelerate your personal income from your business either through the online

'Entrepreneur Training Academy'

or through the workshop style trainings listed below





The TITAN Project!



If you are serious about becoming wealthy in every area of your life BUT you know that there's a part of you that is getting in your way.... You are not alone


The number one inhibitor for most people in the business community is 'mindset', it's 'the' difference that makes all the difference in actually achieving extraordinary success in a fast moving world.


The Titan project is a chrysalis personal business development training in which we disolve those things that are holding you back, findout what your true motivational drivers are and teach you how to build a busines model that generates wealth on every level...


If you have the desire and commitment to succeed I’ll be with you all of the way, all you need to do is make the decision to start today…


Join me by clearing your diary and book into the next ‘TITAN’ training day via the booking link below.  


On the day we'll share show you how to re-calibrate your mindset & business model to become the success you know you could be if only you could get out of your own way...


The transformation begins when you make the decision


Course / Location




Entrepreneur Training with John F Kettley
9.30 - 12.00 Live to your desk top via Zoom

23rd September, 2021
Free Zoom

John F Kettleys Personal Mentored Peer group
9.30 - 16.00 Novotel, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

24th September, 2021
inc VAT

9.30 - 16.00 Novotel, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

20th October, 2021

Entrepreneur Training with John F Kettley
9.30 - 12.30 Live to your desk top via Zoom

21st October, 2021
Free Zoom

John F Kettleys Personal Mentored Peer Group
9.30 - 16.00 Novotel, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

29th October, 2021
inc VAT

Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

18th November, 2021
CALL for Info
0333 015 0254

Entrepreneur Training with John F Kettley
9.30 - 12.30 Live to your desk top via Zoom

25th November, 2021
Free Zoom

John F Kettleys Personal Mentored Peer Group
9.30 - 16.00 Novotel, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

26th November, 2021
inc VAT

John F Kettleys Personal Mentored Peer Group
9.30 - 16.00 Novotel, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

17th December, 2021
inc VAT


"I recommend John without any reservations".


He’s opened my eyes to a different way of thinking which has produced great results; John has a wealth of knowledge coupled with an innate ability to give the best advice at the perfect time.


I will undoubtedly call upon John’s assistance in the future.


Paul Jessop – Recruitment Consultant

“The Sales foundation workshop was fantastic,


I’ve already personally referred two of my clients to and the results have been fantastic. Any business owner looking to increase their sales should come on this course and send their sales teams through this process”… 


Scott Dwyer - Motivations

"I've worked with John as a member of his 100K mentored peer group for a few years now, he is very supportive and gives you great business insights that have helped me to see my business with continued fresh eyes".


Olive Oliver - Smarter locally

I’ve attended several workshops ran by John and they were AMAZING!


He has this ability of taking what feels like really complicated business stuff, takes it apart and explains in very simple terms how it works.

I found it mind-blowing, every time I see John, he challenges the way I think again and again.


If you stick around with John, your business will go through the roof!


Natasha Lancaster – Virtual PA

"I’ve heard John speak on a few occasions and thought he was good. I was wrong. When I attended his training I realised he was fantastic".


Extremely friendly approach backed up with a knowledge on his subject that others would spend a lifetime trying to attain.


If you want more business and a better work life balance, go and see John. You won't be making a mistake.


Simon Bloxham – Safety for business UK

I have been working with John for some years now. During that time, John has been an inspiration. He is highly creative and really understands business and sales in particular, with John's help, I’m really gaining traction.


The Sales Masters Guild workshop content is spot-on and goes down well with delegates. If you are considering getting involved in SME training and mentoring, I can whole-heartedly recommend John and the Sales Masters Guild.


James Davey – Certified SMG Business Mentor

"It's simple... If you have a small to medium business and it's not where you think it could or should be, it’s time to call this man".


There are gifted athletes, talented artists and financial wizards but what most of us need is a no nonsense, down to earth human being that can help guide us to that elusive success - quickly!


That's exactly what John does - without the hype, without any posturing and straight to the point... His business insight will save you time, money and effort, of that I have no doubt.


Gordon McAdam, Combat Arts

"John gets to the heart of the matter when asking you to clarify your WHY? and your definition of success to you.


I've started my entrepreneurial journey and John has been extremely helpful and more importantly holding me to account.


I highly recommend John if you are looking to build your business and wish to work with like-minded individuals to hold you accountable.


Rayman Khan - Microsoft Engineer

"I've worked with John Kettley for two and half years now and he has not only transformed my business, but has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.


That may come across as cliché saying, but I genuinely mean every word and I credit John for making me more focused and switched on!


Scott Pearce - Datum Print and design agency

One of the best workshops I have ever attended, an excellent and enjoyable day, I learned a lot”. 


Mel Fuller - NLP Coach

In the first 6 months of 2011 I more than doubled the sales I achieved in the whole of the previous year (2010). This is due in no small part to the fact that I attended the Sales Masters Guild Sales Training Workshop in September 2010, which taught me some great selling techniques. 


Andy Greenwood - WPA

The Sales Foundation workshop, I found it to be truly excellent. Clearly defining the sales process and how to work through it with potential new clients. The training is very interactive, very enjoyable and one benefits from having other business owners present. 
I recommend this sales training course to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales operation


Robert A Harris - Chartered Acountants

I attended the Sales Masters Guild Business Breakthrough Day, it really helped me focus on the fundamental goals and strategy of my business. I found John Kettley to be an honourable mentor working with me to seek my true goals. 
I would recommend any business to look who want to grow to attend..


Sandra Jones - ATT Book keeping

"John is a true professional and an undoubted high calibre sales trainer.


John's wealth of knowledge across a wide range of business growth projects makes him an ideal partner in the current economic climate.


If you need to make really profitable change then take a meeting with John!


Mike Ramsey – Persona Sales training

"The expert knowledge of sales and his fantastic teaching ability has made a massive difference to my confidence in every aspect of my business.


Huge thanks to John Kettley for changing the way I look at the business world for the better, producing measurable results. His back-up calls and continuous correspondence are greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!


Martin Kearney - Internetwork Media

Every business owner needs an outside force to hold them accountable and provide independent, unbridled mentoring. For that,


I highly recommend John Kettley.


I recently worked with John on some business issues and was amazed at his ability to sort out the jumble of thoughts that were weighing on my mind. John easily cuts through the clutter to help you find the answers to your business challenges. I expect that my first session with John will not be my last.


Michael Nagles – Web developer

I met John at a networking meeting. His presentation was so inspirational and passionate it led me to arrange a 1-2-1 meeting with him.


His passion for helping people was clear and his business knowledge and acumen meant that I had a very productive 1-2-1 meeting with him. I would highly recommend him as a business mentor.


Jeremy Garson – Rise Legal

"John's mentoring methods completely change your perception and business life, giving you the motivation to succeed.

Having recently completed the Advanced Sales and Marketing Course, I walked in one person and came out a completely different more motivated and confident individual knowing exactly what my business does and for whom.

I would recommend that any business owner finding every day business a challenge have a chat with the Sales Masters Guild team." 


Deborah Skeldon - Behind the glass

I can honestly say that John is a complete breath of fresh air.


He gets right to the detail of exactly what you want and finds the solutions almost instantly.


He has great expertise in his field and anyone would be fortunate to work with and learn from him.


Joel Nicholls – Laureate Academy

Everyone needs John Kettley in their life...he's an inspiring role model, his phenomenal communication skills, mind-set, approach to business, selling and simplicity, good honest kindness and immense generosity.


No other business motivator comes anywhere near what John gives and the incredible effect he has on you as an individual.


Listen to what others have said who have had the pleasure of working with him, we all say the same thing. I look forward to the journeys we have yet to go on, and can't wait for another story time! :)


Eloise Veale – Veale Associates

I attended the Sales Master Guild training to improve my sales conversion ratios. I found the course invaluable even to someone who has had been on several sales training courses in the past.


You can always learn something new and by implementing just a small change it will change your results, this course explains the sales process well and adds a new dimension to it...


Davina Farrer - Utility Warehouse

"The great thing about John is he makes you feel able to rule your part of the world. He does this quietly and simply.


For me, he focused my thoughts on what I could and should be doing, and making it seem entirely reasonable and achievable.


He's your professional best friend - supportive - and ever so gently on your case.


Sussana Orchard – Copywriter & content consultant

I have read John's book and attended his workshops and have always had a lightbulb moment and been inspired.


John is very clear and focused and has a genuine desire to help others to succeed.


Sarah Jones – Business consultant, Trainer & Coach

I met up with John for a 1-2-1 for an hour, 3 hours later I left with my head buzzing ... in a good way!


Sometimes you meet someone who is on your wave length ... down to earth, says it as it is and gives advice that is useful and implementable immediately ...

he asked questions I hadn't thought of & said things I needed to hear to help take my business to the next level ...


we all like to 'pay it forward' .. thank you for 'paying it forward' to me..


Beverley Price – Network marketeer

John is a very down to earth and insightful man, what he doesn't know about business isn't worth knowing!


He has an extensive and colourful business resume in many different industries, the hallmark being the consistent success he has brought to everyone he works with. His business acumen is second to none and he has been instrumental in helping me launch my business.

He is a class act…


If you are thinking of working with John, don't waste any time. I have no doubt he will be able to transform your business as he has done mine


Laura Woods - Marketing Expert

"I have attended John's sales training course which forces you to take a challenging look at why you are in business and what you offer".


The conclusions from this analysis have been vitally important to marketing my business to a more focussed audience and offering better value.


John's input has simplified my business approach to give clearer thinking.


Tim Maddocks – Gas regulatory specialist

I highly recommend the Sales Foundation course, you will learn an enormous amount about how to communicate in business that will also help you hugely in your personal life too. Massively confidence building, this workshop should be mandetory for everyone in business..


Beverley Dencham - Lifestyle Pilates

So very interesting, so right and so simple - Siobhan Parker Utility Warehouse

Johns straightforward Model and methodology just works. His wealth of experience in business makes him an authority when it comes to providing impartial advise.


I regularly recommend John to others who I know he can help with his wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Ian Luckett – Business growth consultant

"John knows his onions".


I can honestly say that being a part of John Kettley’s mentored peer group has been a real turning point for me and my business. That is not a glib space filling sentence, I mean it.


John’s approach comes from ‘real world’ business experience.


Plain speaker, down to earth and sharp as a knife and takes no fluff. Truly nice bloke who goes out of his way to help you. I highly recommend John and the Sales Masters Guild to any business owner who wants to take their business to a whole different higher level.


Angus Grady - The Linkedin Unlocker

Attending one of John’s sales training courses will completely change your view of selling and ensure that you feel much more comfortable about approaching both new and existing clients.


I can now have relaxed, enjoyable discussions with clients following a simple structure that reduces the usual tension of sales situations for me, and some of my clients, at the same time as securing more sales.


Steve Ramsey – Digital marketing consultant

We are taught very early on in life to solve problems by ourselves. To grow your business however you need to shelve that thought and rely on the people who have been there before.


John is that rare person who can see the full picture and yet give practical ideas on how to grow your business..”

Giuseppe Venturini – VioSpeed

Some brilliant tips advice and tips... - Lisa Smith Active web design

You can't climb Everest alone!

This is where John is exceptional. If you want rapid success then it helps to have an accountability partner or 'mentor'. John has helped me redefine my own version of success and move rapidly toward building the results I desired.


They say "nothing happens until a sale takes place" and if you want more sales then John can help you develop those skills. Most business challenges can be solved if you're generating sales and John is a genuine expert in helping people do just that. Take a few minutes to see what he could do for you. You won't be disappointed.


Simon Kramer, Effective accountants

"I've worked with John in various roles for many years, he is passionate about business and passionate about helping people to succeed in 'their' business".


As a sales negotiator he's the best I've seen, as a sales trainer he is without doubt the best of the best.


If you want someone to turn your company around by turbo charging your sales team, John Kettley is the only man to go to...


David Bernard – VP Carcoon USA



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