For the Seriously Ambitious only


It's a truism that we each achieve a level of success that is the average of the people you spend our time with most, which is why I decided to create a peer mentored group for individuals who are aspiring to reach a higher level of success and who want to be around and work with like minded ambitious people also on a mission to achieve the extraordinary.


Each our small select 'peer group' of highly ambitious and focused entrepreneurs meet to network and brain storm how to take our businesses to a whole new level of revenue generation.


With only 12 Entrepreneurs in the room, each person brings with them into each session a positive can do attitude and a genuine passion for learning and sharing their knowledge and connections to benifit fellow members of the peer group.




* Only A single seat remains for 2019 available  *

(A seat at this table is rarely available and will be taken quickly please contact me today)