John F Kettley's Personal 'online' Mentored Peer Group


An Opportunity To Work With John


What would happen, if you had your own personal business mentor?


Someone who has genuinely been where you're going, someone you can personally ask 'how to accelerate your journey' and who can teach and show you how to quickly build a high-income business to generate the kind of revenue you really want to earn...


By joining John F Kettley's personal mentored peer group, you'll gain instant access to  


  • Your own personal business mentor
  • Weekly live webinars with John
  • Access to John's 'Complete Entrepreneur Accelerator course'
  • Access to John's private vault of inspiring training videos
  • Seriously discounted rates on all of John's 'Live' entrepreneur training seminars
  • A free ticket to the turn of the year 'Entrepreneur Training day' in December
  • A ton of additional focused training content added to the your membership every month


In addition to step by step tutorials you'll also learn from 'carefully chosen' inspirational video content, gathered from around the world to help you grow, flourish and build your own extraordinary high-income lifstyle business.


We further support you with regular 'live Q&A' webinar training sessions to actively encourage you to participate and connect with your fellow members in our private Facebook community group.


The video above will explain what you will receive by becoming an active member of this Entrepreneur training platform & more about our mission to accelerate you from where you are now to being a successful wealth creating Entrepreneur in the shortest possible time.


A 'time limited' offer

During the launch period you can buy a '12 month Personal mentoring for just £47pm' after beta testing is complete, this mentored peer group platform will transition to a monthly subscription membership of £97pm to support & mentor you to grow your lifestyle business




Full Access to

JFK’s mentored Peer Group

Accelerate to your true potential

Cost: £47.00


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