Meet John F Kettley


Life & Business Are An Educated Risk


I’ll be straight with you, I’m just a regular fella who’s worked out exactly what I want from my life, and through blinkered focus & hard work I’ve achieved extraordinary success.


This said, please don’t think I haven’t made a ton of mistakes along the way because I certainly have. Luckily, I get these moments of clarity (‘break throughs as I call them) where I ‘just know’ exactly how to turn it around, this I believe is my true USP and where my value lies as a mentor and success specialist.


All through my business life I’ve invested in, built & sold a diverse range of companies, accruing business knowledge and interests here in the UK, Ireland, Spain and the USA.


I’ve worked for and with companies as diverse as Mercedes Benz, FedEx & the Port of Dover. I guess you could call me a serial entrepreneur & a truly competitive business person who has developed a tried & tested blueprint for success that simply works regardless of your experience or the kind of business you’re in.






No smoke or mirrors

just a skill for getting to the heart of the matter.


I’ve qualified as a business mentor in what I believe is the only way one can – by having started built and sold my own businesses, learning first hand what does and doesn’t work.

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve had a fascination for the sales process for as long as I can remember.


Initially honing my skills in the highly competitive home improvement & motor industries, where competition is a constant pressure and closing business a daily necessity. An early breakthrough moment, for me, came in the 1980’s when I landed an opportunity to sell Jeeps and Harley-Davidsons to the US military.


This experience inspired a life long passion for learning the psychology behind why people buy the things they do from the people they buy them from.



Two other things about me I’d like to share with you. Firstly, I spend a lot of my spare time on 2 wheels – motorcycles and competing on dirt bikes. It’s where I learned how to calculate risk quickly and decisively which is a huge component in running a successful business.


The second thing is my dyslexia. It hasn’t stopped me being a successful communicator and author. I just have to work round it achieving success through self-motivation, hard work and sheer stubbornness. I’m living proof that if you decide upon something at a DNA level, nothing but nothing will stop you from achieving your goal.


Right now I’m blessed to be living the dream, every day. I’m doing and earning what I want and I’d like to help you do the same.


So where’s the right place to start for you?