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Mentor Training


How To Build A High-Income Mentoring Practice



An opportunity to build your own 6-figure income


If you are a consultant, trainer or coach, chances are you are suffering a feast or famine business model, Meaning one minute you are up to you eyes in work and the next minute your struggling to get enough income to make it all pay.


What would happen, if you had your own personal business mentor to show you how to create a consistant stream of the right type of clients and hold you to account when you stray off the path?


Someone who has genuinely been where you're going and who will push you to achieve your true potential in building a solid and robust personal business model.


Whether you simply want to work a few days a month with first class clients or you want to build a full time business mentoring practice, John can seriously accelerate you to where you want your business to be.


Or maybe you've decided that working alone is simply to tough and it's time to be a part of something bigger...


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The world needs more leaders


With nearly 5 million small businesses in the UK, there's never been a greater need for  high-calibre professional consultants, trainers, coaches and business mentors.


At the Sales Masters Guild we've developed a proven method for attracting ambitious business owners to learn how to take their business to the next level.


The challenge for business owners is in how to find the right professionals to help them achieve their goals with so many amateur professionals giving advisors a bad name because they don't actually deliver the goods.


The challenge for consultants, trainers and coaches is three fold


  1. How to rise above the competition & become the goto person for what it is that you do.
  2. How to attract more clients & convert 'no decision' into high-value paying clients.
  3. In essence 'how to build a sustainable business'


If this is ringing a bell with you, you're not alone, there are literaly thousands of exceptional individuals out there each working on their own trying to build a business based on selling their expertise.



The way forward


Chances are, you've spent a great number of years learning your particular field of expertise and equally a small fortune and a lot of time creating your branding, website and social media posts.


What you may not have done is spend much time or investment in learning how to package your offering into a proven business model that actually repays you in the form of a strong monthly client base, something John can help you solve in as little as 2 days...





A proven business model


We’ll teach you a proven personal business mentoring model so that you see a financial return on your investment within months not years.

We’ll show you exactly how to fast track past the school of hard knocks so that you have paying clients within 12-16 weeks of completing your mentor training.

You’ll learn WHY most business advisors, coaches and consultants suffer a feast or famine income and a poor work-life balance.

You’ll learn exactly how to can grow a consistent high-income from helping business owners to accelerate their business’s to achieve their goals.


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3-Day SMG Certified Mentor Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

1st July, 2020
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3-Day SMG Certified Mentor Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

30th September, 2020
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3-Day SMG Certified Mentor Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

11th November, 2020
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