Personal Business Development


Have you ever noticed, how 'seriously successful people' have a level of confidence & focus, most 'working' people never quite manage to achieve or display?


What you may not realise, is that 'all' of those super successful people, started out just like you...


The only difference between you and them is that they discovered the formula for success, a formula that is based on focusing on what they 'want to do' and an ongoing passion for consistant learning, a trait that average people simply never commit to doing,


The question is? - In terms of the success you want to be, are you prepared to invest & learn at a level most simply will not?


I remember waking up one day and thinking to myself "Why is it, that some of my business friends are making a ton of money and doing the things I want to do, while I'm working twice as hard, for twice as long, for a fraction of what they are generating??


It was on that day that I made 3 pivital decisions, I decided...


  1. To start thinking like a true Entrepreneur and STOP thinking like a business owner
  2. To invest time & energy learning how to leverage my time, connections and income.
  3. To take massive action to bring in higher value clients in greater numbers.


If you're reading this, I can confidently say that you're already head and shoulders above the 'average business owner', because mr average has a closed perspective and simply never goes looking for help to achieve their dreams and goals.


I think you'll agree the time is has come for you to push the button and begin a new chapter, to accelerate your journey to the success and wealth you know you are capable of achieving, What I bring to the table is the business acumen and experiance of how to build a high-income business, all you need is the desire, passion and will to use the formula to make your dreams become a reality...





How To Build  A Business That Creates Wealth - The Book


There is a formula for building a high-income business, one that just about every seriously successful Entrepreneur has used to become the extraordinary success they are today.


Available on Amazon, Audible and Kindle to suit your individual learning style.


"An outstanding piece of work that should be mandatory reading if you have a small business and you truly want to succeed. Gordom McAdam


"John's 'no-nonsense' style tells it how it is. Written from personal experience, John has the advantage of having actually done it which differentiates him from many of the others" - James Davey









How to Build a Business that Creates Wealth - Online Course


Whether you're thinking of starting a business, You need to turn it around or you want to take it to the next level, this is the perfect course to invest in..


The UK's most comprehensive online entrepreneur training course, based on the highly successful Book it shares the formula successful entrepreneurs use to create a high-income wealth creating business.


It's absolutely stacked full of earthy real world video tutorials and download exercises, designed to give you absolute clarity of exactly what to do, to create a business that works i.e. one that generates a high-income for you the business owner. 








Your Personal Business Mentor - online peer group


How much further on would you be?


If you'd had someone in your life (who's been where you want to go), to give you clarity when you need it, solutions to the challenges & the strategies to make it big?


This is your opportunity to have someone in your business life who is totally focused on helping you to achieve your true potential...









JFK's personal live Monthly mentored Peer Group


Each month a highly select group of seriously ambitious entrepreneurs meet to network, share and learn how to take their personal business ambitions to a whole new level.


Membership is by application and invitation only




Personal Business Accelerator

How to Build a High-Income Business


Certified Mentor Training

Train To Be An Expert Business Mentor