I’m pretty single-minded when it comes to speaking


to people in business & entrepreneurs, like any good speaker I want to amuse and inspire, but at the heart of my presentations is the same core mission every single time:- How can I help turn what matters to ‘them’ into a profitable reality?


Every time I step up to speak to business owners around the world, I draw on genuine business ‘start-up’ to ‘sale’ experience and the forensic sales psychology that results in success.


I’m not a speaker who talks to or at my audience; I prefer to have a conversation ‘with’ everyone in the room, taking cues from the atmosphere of the event and individuals within the audience. To me it’s a joint effort which results in powerful clear conclusions that each person can take away something of value to them personally.



You’ll experience some cartwheeling metaphors

but what they illustrate always comes back to what matters most – The takeaway…


  • Being committed to clarity of your purpose
  • Winning – i.e. what winning actually ‘means’ to you?
  • Light bulb moments that create quantum shifts in thought
  • Revealing the simple psychology of the Super Successful
  • Making procrastination something you used to do


Speaking for me is the start of a relationship with my entire audience, I’m equally focused on what happens next – I want our conversations to resonate long, long after the event is over. I want my audience to stick with me and truly begin their journey towards becoming one life’s Super Successful’s.


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