The perfect time to invest in your future.. is NOW!


'If' you're 'ever' going to achieve your true potential in business and create for you and your family the kind of lifestyle

'you really want to live' you're going to have to make a few serious decisions IF YOU'RE to turn your dreams into a reality..


It's time to start 'thinking' like a true entrepreneur


I’ve created this website to pull together the different personal business mentoring options I offer. I call it ‘personal' business mentoring', because what I do ‘is’ personal to the people I work with. I truly believe that 'your success' is in your hands, what I bring to the table is the business acumin & clarity of focus you need, to turn your dreams into a reality


On this site you'll find links to all of the free trainings I post on social media, 'plus' the mentored entrepreneur training courses I've created to fast track you on your journey to building a business that creates wealth



Its Time To BE The Success You've Always Wanted To BE
By choosing the mentored course that best suits your learning style





Your on-demand 'Entrepreneur Training Course'


Whether you're thinking of starting a business, or you've' a business that's simply not generating the high-income you want... this is the perfect course to invest in..


The UK's most comprehensive online entrepreneur training course, based on the highly successful Book (available from Amazon, Kindle & Audible) it shares the formula successful entrepreneurs use to create a high-income wealth creating business.


It's absolutely stacked full of earthy real world video tutorials and download exercises, designed to give you absolute clarity of exactly what to do, to create a business that works i.e. one that generates a high-income for you the business owner. 









John Kettley's online mentored peer group

On top of 24-7 access to the entire online vault of personal business development resources, you'll also have instant access to all of the video tutorial courses that John produces each and every month sharing the latest mindest and business strategies every entrepreneur needs if they are to create a true 'high-income' business. 


You'll also have direct access to John Kettley in John's private 'workplace group' where you can gain the answers and guidence to whatever question or challenge you may have on your journey to achieving the success you seek.










John Kettley's Monthly Mentored Peer Group


Each month a select few entrepreneurs 'meet with John' to work ON their business, each person is a highly ambitious entrepreneur, each knows the true value of working with like minded individuals who are also on a mission to create something extraordinary.


We leave the everyday world at the door, so that we can focus on becoming more than they were when we arrived, fine tuning our individual business models, collaborating, brain storming solutions to challenges and pushing into the uncomfortable zone where all true growth is found.


This is not for those with an average perspective, this is exclusively for those with a genuine desire to achieve the extraordinary.









Certified Mentor Training

With over 5 million small businesses in the UK, there's never been a greater need for professional personal business mentors.


The challenge for most would be 'business coaches' is HOW to attract a steady flow of clients who want to retain your services on a monthly basis and how do they gain the skills and the curriculum they need to give clients massive value.


Learn how to build a 6 figure mentoring practice with John Kettley




Personal Business Mentoring

How to Build a 'High-Income' Business


Certified Mentor Training

Become a 'GO-TO' Business Mentor